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The Inaccessible Subway: A Geospatial Analysis of the NYC Subway in R

Introduction Background Project goals Goals Problems with report and potential solutions Project focus Setup Packages Data Data preview Preliminary exploration and cleaning First cleaning Entrance analysis Removing entrance info and more tidying Trouble ahead ADA fixes and hitting a wall Manual data cleaning Reasoning and Resources By lowest number of stations Shuttles G train Z train 7 train E train L train B train 4 train By primary trunk line J train A train C train 5 train 6 train D train F train M train 1 train 2 train 3 train R train N train W train Q train Analysis and Visualization By Route By Borough By Neighborhood Census tract buffer analysis Conclusion Session Info Introduction Background The initial inspiration for this work was the Data for Democracy NYC Accessibility project (Project GitHub Repo), which focused on exploring the lack of ADA-accessible stations in the New York City subway system.

Effect of drug treatment on cellular metabolism (targeted LC/MS metabolomics analysis)

Introduction Setup Packages Data Functions Data Exploration Missing Values Negative Controls and Compound Elimination Background Negative Mode Positive Mode Data Prep and Preliminary Analysis Cleanup Distribution Plots Negative Mode Positive Mode Principal Component Analysis Background Negative Mode Postive Mode Batch Effects and Signifiance Testing Negative Mode Surrogate variable analysis Significance Testing Positive Mode Interpretation Nucleotide Metabolism Session Info Introduction Metabolomics is one of the many “omics” scientific fields that have sprung up over the past years and can be broadly summarized as the study of the chemical composition of cells, tissues, and biofluids.